22 March 2009

Banana Rolls

Do you need a healthy snack idea for your children when they are home during weekend? Try this simple recipe of Banana rolls.


1) Ripe bananas – As required
2) Fresh Coconut – ½ cup
3) Sugar – 2-3 table spoon
4) Cardamom- 1-2 ( Crushed or powdered)
5) Ghee – 1-2 table spoon
6) Tooth pick – As required

Peel the bananas then slice it into 3 pieces (Lengthwise). Heat a pan, add the ghee and then shallow fry the sliced banana’s in a medium het for about 1-2 minute and flip over and fry the other side too. Keep aside the banana fry to cool off, in the mean time in the same pan just sauté the coconut, sugar & cardamom powder for 1-2 minutes in a medium heat.

Take the fried banana put this coconut mix slowly in the center of the banana and roll it up carefully using your hands and use a tooth pick to fix the roll.


  1. I had tried your Banana roll recipe. Very tasty and easy to prepare. My hus and son both liked it very much.

    Jeena Mathew

  2. Hi Sherly,COuld you please post your banana rolls recipe?I cudnt see it?