1 February 2011

Ash Gourd Stir Fry ( Kumbalangga Thoran)

You All might be wondering!!! What is so special in making a Vegetable stir fry (Thoran), yes normally there is nothing to describe much about and it’s a very normal dish in keralaite houses!!

This Vegetable thoran became “so special” to me for some other reasons!!!

I have got this Vegetable from a farm, where they never used pesticides and the farm is having a width and length of 1 mtr x 1 mtr only.

Wondering what I am going to tell, be patient!!!

Now its time to disclose the facts!!!

My Friend Jeena Mathew gifted this Vegetable to me from her “Balcony Farm”.

She is living in a Flat, unfortunately the balcony of that flat is small compared to other flats. Even though she grows different types of vegetable in her balcony and ensures that at least one vegetable is always ripe in her balcony farm (Chilly to tomato).

But, I never expected that she would cultivate “Ash Gourd” from her Vegetable garden!!!

Hats of to you my dear darling Jeena for making wonders like this, using very limited recourses especially in the “GULF Balcony” having a temperature of 40-50 degree centigrade’s!

Last But Not Least, my balcony is 3 times bigger compared to her’s. If she was the one who had such a balcony I am sure, she would have catered to the entire vegetable requirements of UAE. (Hi Hi).


  1. Ethuvare ash gourd thoran try chetitilla..will try this soon.

  2. thats really good story
    can you get some tips for us on growing vegetables from her