10 December 2010

Caramel Bread Pudding

Is Pudding making is so tough? Until yesterday my thinking was something like that!!! But believe me it is so simple!!!

Inspiration came from my colleague “Mrs. Shafina” to make this recipe, I did some add on to her recipe from my perspective which I though would best suit for this recipe!!!


1) Bread- 3 slices.
2) Milk- 3 cups.
3) Sugar – 5 table spoon.
4) Egg- 3 nos.
5) China-Grass- 1 ½ inch strand( optional)
6) Sweetened Condensed milk – 1cup.
7) Vanilla essence – 4-5drops
8) Ghee- ½ teaspoon.


Remove the sides of the bread (roasted brown parts) and make it in to small pieces, boil the milk with 5 table spoon of sugar and keep aside for cooling, once it cools add bread pieces in to it. Meanwhile beat the eggs well. Then mix the beaten eggs with milk.

Soak the china Grass in ¼ cup of water ,which has to kept at least for half an hour before the preparation of pudding, then dissolve it using double boiling method (Take a container of water and boil it, while boiling place the soaked china grass bowl in the top of the water using a kitchen tong and stir continuously until it dissolve, add this also into the milk mix, Finally add the condensed milk & vanilla essence in to the milk mix and beat well with a hand mixer or in a blender and keep aside.

Before transferring the mix in to a mould, make steamer ready and grease the mould with little ghee in the sides of the mould.

For caramel syrup

Take 1 ½ table spoon of sugar with 4 table spoon of water and caramelize it. (Take a pan, then add the sugar syrup in to it and boil it in a medium heat, once it starts bubbling stir continuously until the bubbles turns in to light golden in clour). Then immediately transfer the same in to the mould, don’t worry if the syrup turns little hard it will spread eventually once it is cooked well!!!

You can use a steamer or a cooker (don’t use weight) to make this pudding in a double boiling method! Cook in high flame for 2 minutes and then cook the same again in 15-20 minutes in a very low flame. Use foil to cover the mould to prevent water coming inside the pudding mix while boiling.

Let it cool for sometime, then place the pudding upside down in a serving bowl. Serve it hot or cold.


  1. Thanks a lot, Sherly. I am pregnant (4th month) & this delicious pudding that I just tasted is really yumeee.... and healthy too. A big thank you from me & my lil' one !!! Hats off to you... very well presented !!

  2. Sherlychechi !

    Ithokke undakki veruthe padam ittal mathram pora !!njangalku test cheyyan koode theranam !!


  3. Puddings are an all time favorite... love the way this looks... the caramel lining adds more flavor!