8 December 2010

Home made Fruit Custard

Home made Fruit Custard


1) Custard powder - 100 gms.
2) Milk - 1 liter
3) Cream – 2 -3 table spoon ( optional)
4) Sugar - 200 Gms.
5) Fruits of your choice (Banana, Pineapple, berries, peach, apple, grapes ect.)


Take a pan and pour the milk in to it along with the sugar and stir well to dissolve the sugar completely, take a small bowl and add the custard powder and dilute it by adding little cold milk with out any lumps. Add this to the milk and boil in high flame and stir continuously to avoid the formation of lumps in it. When it boils, lower the flame and continue stirring until the milk becomes thick. Pour it into the bowl containing the fruits.

This custard can be eaten hot immediately, or left to cool to room temperature, or put in the fridge to make cold custard. Serve the custard with more fruits or with the whipped cream on the top.