6 April 2010

Chapati Maker

Making of chapati is really an art; I am not much familiar with that art. While making the chapatti’s in a traditional manner, I always got the shapes like those of “certain continents”. (Sorry, I know some are so expert in this art and may laugh at me, but I can’t help my self). So decided to buy a chapatti maker and tried twice, unfortunately the out come was really melancholic!!!!
I have decided to stop making chapthi in my “new Chapti maker” and while putting it back to the original box for keeping it in the dark corner of the store, I have found one CD in side the packet with the caption “Demo CD”. After seeing the CD, I was astonished!!!! Because my approach to the process of making the dough was little different as described in the CD and decided to give one more try…..The end result was terrific...............!!!
I have yelled like, Eureka……….!!!
Who ever talks ill of Chapatti maker, can have my advice if it is required as I have succeeded in making it perfectly. Please find the snaps below and see how I managed to make chapattis now in my new chapatti maker.!!!
a) Always use a branded “Chapatti maker” (The heating process is very important/ coil system has to be good with auto cut off) if you buy local brands ………..you can’t make perfect chapatti’s, rather you will get some pappads!( I have bought Chef Master from Kerala.)
b) Consistency of the dough is more watery than the traditional dough.


  1. You should upload the VCD content. Even we do have the chefmaster. We use it only to press the 'poori' dough.

  2. I have a question. When you make the consistency of the dough watery, it sticks to the sides of the pan and also the hands, when trying to roll into a ball. How to prevent this??