25 September 2010

Kalathappam/Nadan Rice Cake- How to make Kalathappam

Kalathappam is a very traditional recipe, I had it once during my childhood, but could not recollect much about that. Recently, I saw the same in Amrita TV cookery show and decided to make the same.

It’s a rice cake made in a traditional way!!! Don’t except the same taste as normal cake, but surely the smell of the cake will take you to some olden era………!!!!

In this modern century!!!! Baking is not difficult, even though, if you opt a traditional way to make this, that essence will give you the perfect taste to this recipe!!!

The way I prepared it is as follows!!!

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       1) Jeerakashala Rice - 1 cup
        2) Cooked boiled Rice- ¼ cup
        3) Melted Jaggery syrup- 1 cup( 250 to 300 gms)
        4) Cardamom Pods -04 nos.( powdered)
        5) Coconut slices( theggakothu)- ¼ cup
        6) Shallots ( kunjjulli)- ¼ cup( 20nos)
        7) Cumin seeds (Jeerakam) - ¼ teaspoon.
        8) Baking powder – ½ teaspoon
        9) Salt – ½ teaspoon.
        10) Ghee- 3 table spoon.


Soak rice for about 5-6 hours and grind it with ½ cup of water along with boiled rice, cumin seeds and salt.

Finally add the jaggery syrup, baking powder & cardamom powder and sir well and keep aside in a bowl for about 30-45 mints. (Batter consistency should be like idly batter).

Final Stage

Just warm the batter in a saucepan in a very medium heat (stir continuously to avoid lumps).Remove the batter from the stove top and sir in between.
In the meantime fry the coconut pieces and shallots separately in ghee till light brown.
Immediately put half of the fried mixture to the batter and mix well and pour the batter to the well-greased pressure cooker and add the balance fried onion and shallots to the top of the batter.

Close the cooker with lid without WEIGHT.

Cook the batter on high flame for about 1 ½ minutes and reduce the flame to very low flame and cook again for about 15-20 mints. (Check the doneness with a tooth pick until it’s comes out clean).

Remove the cooker from the Stove top and let it cool, once it’s cooled turn the kalathappam and enjoy.


  1. Well done Sherly

    Send me a piece of kalathappam


  2. wow adipoli ayittundu. ithu kazhichittilla sure try cheyyunnudu

  3. Adipoli kalathappam..i too have one waiting in my draft.. Thx for stopping by kothiyavunu and lending me to ur lovely space..catch u will more updates..cheers!

  4. haven't tasted this one yet..but looks yummy!!!

  5. Hi Sherly,

    The appam looks yummy dear..:)