13 November 2008

Egg Fried rice

Egg & Vegetables Fried rice

Ingredients -"A"

1) Basmati rice- 2 cups
2) Water – 4 cups
3) Lime juice- 2 tea spoon
4) Salt to taste

Ingredients for garnishing

1) Garlic- 1- Finely chopped
2) Ginger – ½ tea spoon- finely chopped
3) Beans – ½ cup- Chopped
4) Carrot – ½ cup – Chopped
5) Capsicum- ½ cup - Chopped)
6) Spring Onion- ½ cup- Chopped
7) Celery – ½ Cup – Chopped in to small pieces(Optional)
8) Scrambled egg - 2
9) Soya sauce- 1Table spoon
10) Oyster sauce- ¾ Table spoon
11) Chicken Stock - cube ( optional)


I cooked the rice in Microwave method (thanks to an unknown blogger in the internet.) Please use only Microwave safe bowl for making the rice.(Don’t use the glass wares normally inscribed as microwave safe- Safety comes first other than anything, so please buy a very good branded item(glass-bowl) from the super market.( I used Pyrex glass bowl) You can make the rice in conventional way too.)Take the microwave safe bowl and put all the above ingredients- "A" and place in microwave for about 23-25 minutes and immediately take out the bowl and then separate the rice with a fork very gently and keep aside. If you have more quantity you can repeat the process.

Then take a wok and add little oil then put chopped ginger& garlic sauté for 20 seconds and then add chopped beans and carrot one by one and sauté for 1 minute then add celery, capsicum and spring onion again sauté for few seconds and add scrambled egg, Soya sauce, and oyster sauce. Then add Chicken stock cube (dissolved in 4 table spoon of hot water) and cooked rice very slowly, then mix togetherwell and cook again for about 1- 2 minutes and garnish it with spring onion …….and enjoy the fried rice with your choice of curry. ( put salt only in the last stage .if necessery.......chicken stock cube and sauces have enough salt in it)


  1. Hi
    The look is FANTASTIC.............

  2. The fried rice was really yummeee... tasted exactly like fried rice served in hotels... hats off !!!!

  3. Thanks to Sherly & her blog.. I printed out her recipe… bot her favourite Mama Sita’s Oyster sauce & Soya sauce…& made the fried rice..My fried rice has never tasted like this before… it was superb…

  4. Sherly dear,

    Last Friday my husband came back from vacation and I surprised him by preparing egg fried rice and chilly chicken. Thanks to you, oyster sauce and your recipe. Since I did not exactly follow your instruction, it was not perfect, but definitely it had the looks and smell of a fried rice and chilly chicken. My kids loved it and I was really happy seeing my daughter coming again and again for filling her plate. And I’m sure that there are many people like me who is benefiting from your blog.

    Thanks for you and aji & keep up the good work. The next step can be writing a cookery book or opening a catering service. What do you say?