31 December 2008

Mixed Fried Rice Recipe

How to make Mixed Fried Rice


1) Basmati Rice – Any Good Quality – 2 cups.
2) Normal Water – 4 cups
3) Lime juice – from 1 small lime.
4) Salt - As required.

Mixed fried is a little time consuming recipe than other fried rice’s. Because you have to clean and cut all the ingredients finely and make it ready before cooking the rice. Don’t worry you are making this recipe for your family so little patience will give you much satisfaction and good words from them. Hope its worth than anything.

I cooked the rice in Microwave method (thanks to an unknown blogger in the internet.)
Please use only Microwave safe bowl for making the rice.(Don’t use the glass wares normally inscribed as microwave safe- Safety comes first other than anything, so please buy a very good branded item(glass-bowl) from the super market.( I used Pyrex glass bowl) You can make the rice in conventional way too.)

Take the microwave safe bowl and put all the above ingredients and place in microwave for about 23 minutes and immediately take out the bowl and then separate the rice with a fork very gently and keep aside. If you have more quantity you can repeat the process.

1) Beef – 100 Gms.
2) Chicken – 100 Gms.
3) Prawns – 100 Gms.
4) Scrambled egg – 2
5) Green Chilly – 2 nos. ( chopped)
6) Garlic- 1- Finely chopped
7) Ginger – ½ tea spoon- finely chopped
8) Beans – ½ cup- Chopped
9) Carrot – ½ cup – Chopped
10) Capsicum- ½ cup - Chopped)
11) Spring Onion- ½ cup- Chopped
12) Celery – ½ Cup – Chopped in to small pieces(Optional)
13) Soya sauce- 2Table spoon
14) Oyster sauce- 1 Table spoon
15) Chilly Sauce – 1 table spoon
16) Ajinomoto – 1 ½ teaspoon( optional)
17) Oil – 3- 4 table spoon or As required
18) Salt – As required.Method

Clean the beef, chicken (cut in to cubes) and prawns then marinate it with little salt, pepper powder, ginger & garlic powder and keep aside separately for ½ an hour then fry it separately. Use kitchen towels to remove the excesses oil. Beat 2 eggs with little salt and pepper powder then heat oil in pan put the beaten eggs and makes it as omelets ( you can scramble the same with your hands or using a knife later) or you can scrambled the egg immediately while you putting in to the pan.

Take a big wok and heat required oil then put chopped ginger & garlic and sauté for 20 seconds then add chopped beans, carrot and green chilly one by one and sauté for few minutes until the raw smell out. Then add fried beef, chicken, prawns, fried eggs, celery and spring onion and sauté for few seconds then add all sauces and ajinomoto and sauté few seconds. Then add the cooked rice very slowly and mix well and cook for 1- 2 minutes and garnish it with spring onion …….and enjoy the fried rice with your choice of curry or sauce ………….

Happy cooking and Happy New Year to every one.


  1. Happy New Year... to you Sherly madam...
    The fried rice was really good... a good pat on your back ... for the efforts.
    Your egg fried tasted even better... its was out of this world !!! I'll be making the egg fried rice for New Year's lunch... Take Care... God Bless

  2. Happy New Year.

    Akash is asking whether you have a receipe for Chilli paneer?


  3. നല്ല കുക്ക് ആണല്ലോ - പിള്ളാരുടെ അച്ഛന്‍റെ ഒരു ഫാഗ്യമേ