5 January 2009


How to make Idiyappam/Noolputtu


1) Hot water – 3 cups
2) Rice flour 2 cups
3) Ghee or any oil – As required for greasing
4) Salt - to taste
5) Grated coconut (fresh) - 4 tablespoon
6) Mould - to press and shape the dough to Idiyappam.
7) Steamer ( I used Idlie maker)


Take a thick bottom pan boil 3 cups of water when it starts boiling add sufficient salt and switch off the stove then add 2 cups of rice flour little by little and mix well using a wooden spatula continue the processes until you get a soft dough. (After mixing the dough keep aside for sometime to cool) later knead the dough well using hands. Make sure that it is not watery.

Grease the mould using little oil then add some portion of the dough inside the mould and close the lid then press it in to the Idlie Mould with circular motion. (Grease the Idile mould also with little oil.) You can put some grated coconut on top or bottom. Steam the idlie mould in the steamer for about 8- 10 minutes and keep it cool for some times and carefully remove the Idiyappam to a serving dish.

Serve the dish with your choice of curry (Stew/chicken curry/Mutton Curry/Egg Roast.)

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