25 January 2009

Weight loss Cucumber Drink

Weight loss Cucumber Drink

This is a weight loss drink so you take this drink only in early morning on empty stomach and then take any food or drink only after 1 ½ hours.


1) Salad Cucumber – 2 nos.
2) Garlic clove – 1 nos. ( big clove)
3) Lime juice – 2 teaspoon( Half lemon)
4) Honey – 1 table spoon
5) Water – As required.


Wash the cucumbers with plenty of water and peel off the skin. Then cut in to cubes along with 2-5 ingredients and blend well. Your drink is ready.


  1. Is this really useful? Looks so cool!!!

  2. Dear KF,

    Thanks for the comments.

    I have got the above recipe from Vanithas's Cook Book. My doctor also instructed me to reduce weight as part of my treatment ……..so I am hardly trying to reduce weight. (????) I too started this drink…......hope for the best.