14 April 2009

Healthy Wheat Payasam ( Gothambu Payasam- Whole wheat)

Wheat Payasam / Wheat kheer

1) Whole wheat grains – 1 cup.
2) Water – 2 ½ cups.
3) Salt – 3 pinch.
4) Sago (Chowary/Sabudhana) – ¼ cup.
5) Jaggery - 2 Cups ( melted in 1 cup of water in medium heat and remove the impurities -
Use more or less – As per your sweet level)
6) Coconut milk thin – 1 ½ cups. ( I used coconut milk powder- For good taste use always
fresh coconut milk from fresh coconut)
7) Coconut thick milk – 1 cup.
8) Ghee (clarified butter) – 2 table spoon.
9) Fried coconut pieces – 3 table spoon
10) Roasted cashew nut & raisins – As required.
11) Cardamom & dried ginger powder – 1 ½ teaspoon.
12) Fried banana (Optional) – cut in to small pieces then sauté few minutes in a frying fan using
1 table spoon of ghee.


Clean & Soak the whole wheat in water for about 3-4 hours, drain the water and pressure cook the wheat with 2 ½ cups of water and little salt for about 8 whistles and keep aside. (If it is not cooked well cook again for 1-2 whistles with little water)

Mean while make jaggery syrup, coconut milk, cardamom & ginger powder & fry coconut pieces, cashew nuts and raisins.

Take a thick bottom pan or even you can use the same pressure cooker to make the payasam. Add jaggery syrup & thin coconut milk in the cooked wheat and bring to a boil in medium heat and cook again for about 5 minutes, then add cooked Sabudhana and stir well. Let the mixture thicken to a looser consistency as normal payasam, finally add the thick coconut milk (add more or less according to your desired consistency) and simmer it for a while.

Then garnish with fried cashew nut, raisins, coconut pieces, powdered cardamom, & ginger and fried bananas. Stir well and remove from the stove immediately. serve hot or cold.

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