25 April 2010

Green Spinach Mezhukupuraty( Cheera)


1) Spinach - Green –2 Bunch
2) Shallots (Kunjjulli) – Hand full (Chopped)
3) Green Chilly – 4-5 nos. (Chopped)
4) Turmeric powder – 2-3 pinches
5) Salt – to taste
6) Oil – 2- 3 table spoon
7) Curry leaves – As required.


Cleaning of the spinach is very important. You can find too must dust and sand particles in it. So clean it thoroughly in running water one by one stem 2-3 times. Let the water drain completely you can even use kitchen towels to grab the excess water from it. Cut the spinach lengthwise (use the stem also) and keep aside. Heat oil in a pan and pop up mustard seeds then add chopped shallots, green chilies & turmeric powder then sauté until it turns transparent then add chopped spinach with sufficient salt and close the pan for few minutes and take off the lid and sauté until the water evaporated from the spinach.


  1. Your food looks so delicious! I wish I could eat spicy. Maybe someday again I will be able to. I have stomach problems.

    I can only hope....

  2. Great to see you here and read your recipe's sherly