2 September 2010

Ulli Vada/Onion Crackers


1) Onion thinly chopped - 3 nos.
2) Besan powder/Kadalamavu – 1 cup or as required
3) Green chilly thinly chopped – 3 nos.
4) Ginger chopped - 1 inch piece
5) Curry leaves – a few
6) Salt as required.
7) Chilly powder – 1 ½ teaspoon.
8) Asafetida powder/Kaya podi - ½ teaspoon.
9) Oil - for frying


Ulli vada (onion pakoda/ onion crackers) is a common snack in Kerala. I like to eat this with hot tea when it rains outside.

Take chopped onions, ginger, green chilly and curry leaves in a large bowl and squeeze with hands. Then add besan powder, salt, asafetida powder and chilly powder in to the onion mixture and again mix well using hands with little water, don’t make the dough watery. Make the dough in to small balls shapes and press slightly and drop the same in the hot oil until golden clour.

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  1. wow..mouth watering..one of my fav snack..
    thanks a lot for the recipe.Ur blog is too good..
    all the best