27 October 2010

Cabbage with Green Peas Thoran

Inspiration & Reference came from my class mate Mr. Nataraj for making this recipe.(we call him Nattu & Natt’s etc).

He told me about the combination 1 week before, while chatting. He told me his colleges also liked this combo made by him. He is a food lover as well have interest in cooking too (His wife is really lucky, I guess!!) He is planning to open a food blog in near future!

Any way it came out well, really this is too tasty and hassle free from the boring taste of normal masala’s. As a so called chef, indeed, I did some little changes (Especially, I avoid Turmeric powder to get the natural look for this dish!!!)

Recipe would be updated soon


  1. Hey sherly , thank u for putting this recipe in your blog, looks awesome.