24 January 2011

Home Made ( Microwave) Grilled Fish Fillets


1) Fish Fillets - ½ Kg – I used Hamour Fish
2) Lime juice – ¾ Table spoon
3) Chilly Powder – ½ Table spoon.
4) Pepper powder – ½ teaspoon
5) Mint leaves – ½ Table Spoon- Chopped
6) Olive Oil - ½ Table Spoon
7) Garlic paste- ½ teaspoon ( optional)
8) Salt to taste


Clean the fish well and pat dry completely using a kitchen towel. Mix the ingredients (2-8) in a bowl and smear the fish with this mixture and set aside to marinate for 30 minutes minimum.

Change the Mode to Grill in a microwave and place the fish fillets on the grill base and cook 07 minutes and turn the sides and cook again for 07 minutes.

Serve hot with vegetables or with breads etc.


  1. Adipoli grilled fish,loved the addition of mint and lemon..so good.

  2. Hey chechi ,

    Thanks for that mail, I checked your blog and loved the grilled fish fillet recipe and am waiting to try it out this weekend. Thanks for the great blogs

    Have a nice day !

    Best Regards,

    Kirthana P.K

  3. Hi,Tomorrow I am going to try your Microwave Grilled Fish.Very much informative,Thank you.
    Dr Nava Kishore T

  4. Hey, Thanks a lot yaa.. for the recipe.. Im gonna make it rite now... Needed a Healthy meal after a work out.