12 November 2014

Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich

Very easy recipe for making and tastes great. A perfect breakfast to start a day.


1) Boneless chicken cut into small pieces- 250 grams

2) Mayonnaise -5- 6 table spoon ( I used low fat mayonnaise)

3) Cabbage - Finley chopped 2-3 table spoon.

4) Spring Onion- Finley chopped 4 table spoon.

5) pepper powder- 1 Teaspoon

6) Salt -for taste


Cook the chicken in a pan with little water and salt till it's done. Once the water disappears add pepper powder and roast the chicken for few minutes. Then keep the chicken for cooling.

Pulses the chicken twice in a grinder (do not make a fine paste). Then transfer the chicken in to a bowl and add mayonnaise and chopped vegetables and mix well.

Spread the chicken paste evenly on bread pieces and cut it as desired.

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