7 October 2008

Bay Leaves Ada Appam or Ela Ada

Bay Leaves Ada Appam or Ela Ada


1) Water- 3 cups
2) Rice flour roasted – 2 cups
3) Jaggery or sugar- As required
4) Coconut fresh – As required
5) Cardamom – As required


Boil the water with little bit salt and add the same to the rice flour and make dough. Make sure that it is not watery.

Spread the rice dough evenly on the Bay leaves; use your hands to spread the rice dough.

For Filling

Mix, sugar, coconut and cardamom using the hands.
Place a tablespoon of sweetened coconut over this and spread it evenly. Fold the bay leaf in the middle and press the sides with to close it well.
Place the Bay leaves ada in a steamer (or Iddli cooker) and steam it for 8-10 minutes.
Remove them from the steamer (let it cool for few minutes), and peel off the bay leaves and enjoy the ada.

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