22 July 2013

Tempura – A Japanese delicacy



“Tempura” is one of the popular Japanese dishes. It needs very quick cooking time with very less ingredients.

Believe me it tastes “Awesome”.


1) Plain Flour – 1 cup

2) Baking Soda- 1 teaspoon.

3) 1 cup chilled Water ( Should be chilled)

4) 1 Egg- Lighly whisked

5) Salt- for taste.

6) Oil – For deep-fry

7) Large /jumbo prawns- 15 nos. Cleaned/ tails left intact.

How to make the batter

Take a mixing bowl , sift the flour and baking soda, then add the water and egg to it and whisk, let it be still lumpy (Rigorous whisking is not required- do not over mix the batter)

Place the bowl over a large bowl filled with iced water.


Heat oil in a deep wok till it attains a medium high temperature.

Then add evenly batter coated prawns in to the oil for 3-4 mints only or until its turns golden brown.

Serve hot with desired souse.

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  1. wow adipoli ayittundu cheriya prawns undu i will try ur recipe