2 November 2008

Palappam Recipe

Palappam Recipe
1) Roasted rice flower – 2 cups
2) Semolina – 3 Table spoon
3) Sugar – 1 Tea spoon
4) Yeast – 1 Tea Spoon
5) Salt to taste – As required
6) Coconut milk – 1 coconut’s milk ( you can even use 4-5 table spoon of coconut powder to make coconut milk )

Take a small container and add lukewarm water to the yeast and sugar and keep for some time until it rises. (Make sure, not use hot water for this- as the yeast will not rise.)

Take a small pan and add semolina with 1 ½ cup of water and boil and stir continuously until it becomes thick batter and keep aside for cooling.

Then take a big bowl and add rice flour, semolina batter and yeast - mix well using hand or use a mixer to mix the ingredients(only use little water while mixing the flour)

Keep it aside for about 10-12 hours and add the coconut milk and salt and mix well once again to get a loose consistency.

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