12 November 2008

Parippu Curry (Mung bean/moong dal


Parippu Curry (Mung bean/moong dal/cherupayar parippu curry)
I prefer to make this cherupayar curry in the traditional way (because I have stocked the fried parippu in my kitchen sent by my mother-in-law, so it’s very easy for me to make the parippu curry …..

(My amma and my mother-in law both are too good in this recipe and this recipe is one of my personal favourite.

How to make the cherupayer parippu curry
I use only cherupayer for this (in some areas people are using different parippu)

How to make the Cherupayer ready
Fry the cherupayer parippu without oil for 5-6 minutes until a sweet aroma comes and remove it from flame before the clour begins to change then put the parippu in a grinder for few seconds to remove the skin (Need not to remove the full skin from parippu) you can keep this fried parippu for a long time and use when ever needed.


1) Cherupayer parippu – 1 ½ cup
2) Coconut- ¾ up
3) Green chilly- 2-3 pieces
4) Shallot( Cheriya Ully) 2-3 pieces
5) Cumin seeds- 2 pinch
6) Garlic- 1 clove.
7) Turmeric powder- 1 pinch


Wash the payer and put it in a pressure cooker along with sufficient water, salt, 2-3 sliced shallots and 2 teaspoon of oil and cook . Mashed the parippu well using a wooden ladle, keep the mashed parippu in the same cooker.

In th mean time,grind the coconut, cumin seeds, garlic clove, green chilly and pinch of turmeric powder together in a grinder and make a paste and put it in the mashed cherupayer, stir continuously in slow fire for about 2 mints to subside the raw smell from the coconut( Note: do not boil the parippu curry after putting the coconut mix)) .If you like it to be more watery you can add hot water to dilute the thickness)

For seasoning

In a pan heat oil and add mustard seeds, when they pop up add the dry chillies, curry leaves and add chopped onions, Sauté till the onions turns transparent and pour it over the curry and serve hot enjoy with rice and pappadam and 1 tea spoon of ghee……….

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