19 January 2009

Plantain Thoran

How to make plantain thoran


1) Green plantain – 5-6 nos. ( Ethakka or Pothenka/Mothenkka/pachakka)
2) Green Chilly – 2-3 nos.
3) Cumin seeds – 1 pinch
4) Garlic clove – 1 no.
5) Turmeric powder – 2 pinch
6) Grated coconut – 1 cup
7) Salt – to taste

For seasoning

1) Dry chilly – 1-2 nos. (Broken)
2) Mustard seeds- 1 ½ teaspoon
3) Shallot – 2-3 nos. (Chopped)
4) Curry leaves – As required
5) Oil- 1- 2 table spoon. (Coconut/any vegetable oil)


Remove the skin of the plantain ( always use gloves while removing the skin, other wise the stain of the plantain will stick on your hands ) Chop the plantain in to cube shapes then mix plantain with little water and salt then cook in a medium low-heat for about 8 minutes.
In the Mean time pulse the coconut, turmeric powder, green chilly, garlic and cumin seeds for 1 second in a grinder then make a hole in the center of the mound of the plantain cubes & put the coconut/spice mixture over there then cook few minutes again.
Check the pan frequently since the water will evaporate fast. Sauté and mix the plantain well and do a taste test and adjust the salt at this stage. Then stir again for another 3 minutes in a medium flame to resolve the water content then heat oil in a pan and splutter the mustard seeds then add broken dry chilly , chopped shallots and curry leaves one by one and sauté until the shallot becomes golden brown then pour this seasoning over plantain thoran. Your plantain thoran is ready to serve.

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