6 January 2009

Sardine Fry( Chala varuthathu)

How to make sardine fry


1) Sardine – 5 nos.
2) Ginger & garlic paste – 1 ½ teaspoon
3) Pepper powder – 2 ½ teaspoon
4) Chilly powder – 2 ½ teaspoon
5) Turmeric powder – ¾ teaspoon.
6) Garam Masala – ½ teaspoon ( optional)
7) Water – 1-2 table spoon
8) Salt to taste
9) Oil – As required for frying ( shallow)
10) Curry leaves.


Clean the fish well using salt and lime juice so the raw smell will go completely and make some slit on the fish and make a paste using the above ingredients( 2- 8) and marinate it with the fish and keep aside for 30 minutes. (Make sure the Masala smear on the fish slits.)

Heat a pan and hot some oil according to your wish, once it hot place the fish carefully and fry the fish both side till done on a medium heat at this time you can add some curry leaves over the fish which will give an additional flavour to your fish . Your Sardine fry is ready to serve.

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