8 February 2009

Cheera Mezhukkupuratty (Red Spinach)

Dedicate this recipe to my friend. Malika Sunil

The most horrible taste of food I had during my child hood was "Cheera Thoran". The same situation continued for a prolonged time. My mom always served this dish to us (me & my sister) under the strict supervision of our father, otherwise we never eat it. I & my sister would make a ball of this thoran with some rice and sallow it with water. This is the way we were eating this dish during our child hood.

During the time I was studying for my graduation, I went to one of my friend's house. In the lunch time she served me one cheera dish. Immediately I conveyed that I never like this and asked her not to serve it. She insisted that it tastes really good and forcibly made me taste the dish. She told me she also doesn't like cheera thoran but this will suit any body's taste, even those who hate cheera. Then I tried that dish Oops……Really wonderful & too delicious too…..

I have been in UAE for the past 6 years after marriage. Over the years I never ever bought the spinach because of the dreadful child hood memories. Yesterday I saw some red spinach during shopping in "Khalidia Mall". I suddenly recollected the taste of the spinach mezhukku puratty. Then I decided to make that dish and bought 2 bunch of spinach.

As soon as I reached home I made an ISD call to my friend and asked the recipe. She laughed a lot and narrated the recipe to me.

Any way every thing came out well.

1) Spinach ( Red or Green) – 2 Bunch
2) Shallots ( Kunjjulli) – Hand full ( Chopped)
3) Green Chilly – 4-5 nos. ( chopped)
4) Turmeric powder – 2-3 pinch
5) Salt – to taste
6) Oil – 2- 3 table spoon
7) Curry leaves – As required.


Cleaning of the spinach is very important. You can find too must dust and sand particles in it. So clean it thoroughly in running water one by one stem 2-3 times. Let the water drain completely you can even use kitchen towels to grab the excess water from it.Cut the spinach lengthwise (use the stem also) and keep aside. Heat oil in a pan and pop up mustard seeds then add chopped shallots, green chilies & turmeric powder then sauté until it turns transparent then add chopped spinach with sufficient salt and close the pan


  1. Kandittu kothiyakunnu...... ethra naal aayi naatile chorum curryum oke thinnittu....

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