4 February 2009

Chembu Curry ( Asthram)

How to make chembu Curry ( Asthram)

1) Chembu (colocasia) – 4-5 nos. (Chopped)
2) Shallots- 4- 5 nos.
3) Garlic cloves- 2nos.
4) Cumin seeds – 2 pinch
5) Turmeric powder – 1/4 teaspoon
6) Chilly powder – 1 teaspoon
7) Green chilly – 2-3 nos. ( chopped)
8) Grated coconut – 1 cup
9) Thick Tamarind pulp – ½ table spoon

For seasoning

1) Dry Chilly – 1-2 nos.( broken)
2) Mustard seeds – 1 ½ teaspoon
3) Shallots – 2-3 nos( chopped)
4) Curry leaves – As required
5) Oil 1-2 table spoon


Peel off the skin and chop the chembu in to medium sized pieces and washed thoroughly. Then cook the chembu in a thick bottomed vessel with 2 cups of water and cook for about 10 minutes in medium heat. When it becomes soft smash roughly using a thick spatula. Mean while pulse the coconut along with cumin seeds, green chilly, shallots, garlic, chilly powder and turmeric powder. (1-2 times) add this mix in to chembu curry along with tamarind pulp and salt again cook about 2-3 minutes until the raw smell out from the grinded masala.

Do a taste test at this time and adjust the salt accordingly (if you need you can add more water according to your consistency level). Finally do the seasoning and enjoy the curry with hot kanjji.

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