27 August 2010

Turkey Pathiri/Mahi Special

തുർക്കി പത്തിരി

ഈ റംസാൻ രാവിൽ .... ഈ മാഹി സ്പെഷ്യൽ ഒന്ന് പരീക്ഷിച്ച് കൂടെ...?
Turkey Pathiri
For the pathri
1) Wheat flour - 2 cups
2) Water as needed
3) Salt to taste
4) Oil - for frying
For the 1st filling
Use any filling according to your taste . I used vegetables with scrambled egg stir fry.
For 2nd filling
I used potato mash. ( chicken stir fry / beef filling is also good for non -vegetarians)
Mix flour, salt and water togather to make a soft dough like chappathy dough. Make one pathri and place the boiled egg in the center and spread your first filling around the boiled egg ( see my picture- stage 2) then fold the pathiri upward from one side and make a pleat like a sari to close the filling, remove the excess portion from the top (See picture-stage -3)
Then deep fry the pleated dough in oil and set aside, mean while make a bigger chappathy than the previous one and place the fried dough in the centre and pour the next filling around it then close the filling used the pleat method and fry it once again till it attains a crispy golden stage ( if you wish and have patience you can make 2 more layers like this) cut the fried pathri once it is cool using a sharp knife and serve with ketch up or chilli sauce .


  1. "I feel a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cook can play each time with a variation - Author Unknown

    It is really hard to find such artistic and creative work together with pure dedication. Not only that, every single picture that was taken was able to tell a story, a mood, and an expression.
    You have managed to capture the moment and the feelings at the very snap of the camera.

    You brought the memories of my great grandma's recipes, http://sherlyaji.blogspot.com “neenal vazhattey tte tte”

    Well done Sherly



  2. Pics are fab..love to try this recipe..do update the recipe.