30 November 2010

My Mother in Law’s recipe - Pazham Gunddu/Plantain fritters

Last week when I went to India for my short vacation!!! My Mother in law made this Pazham fritters/ Gunddu for me, it was so tasty, she used over ripe “pazhaynkodam pazham” for this recipe!!


1) Maida – 1 cup.
2) Over ripe Pazhayankodam pazham- ½ kg (Mashed).
3) Jaggery- 1 block (More or less as to taste.)
4) Cardamom- powdered- 4-5 nos.
5) Salt – A pinch.
6) Baking powder– 2 pinches
7) Oil to fry

Melt jaggery with little water and make thick syrup out of it. Then take a mixing bowl, add Maida, mashed banana, cardamom powder, salt, baking powder, jaggery syrup and mix well to form a thick batter, Let the batter sit for an hour.

Heat oil in a pan, when the oil is hot takes small portions from the dough and put in to the oil. Cook until both sides are golden brown in color. Remove and drain it to a tissue paper. Serve hot.


  1. Looks yumee.....lovely tea time snack...

  2. hey thanks for stopping by my space...
    oh yeah njanum ithu kandillallo....
    good to meet you here...
    i had this this weekend when we were visiting a family ..loved it..
    now that i have a recipe from here..i can try it too..looks so yummy!!

  3. Ethu kollamallo..nice recipe,thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Sherly..Thanks for sharing the recipe..
    We used to get this in our college canteen…:-)It goes very well with a cup of hot tea…
    We always tease Venu chettan ,the canteen owner ,by calling this Bomb:-)