18 March 2012

Palak Paratha Recipe

How to make palak paratha:

Ingredients for preparing the dough

1) Wheat flower – 2-3 cups.

2) Palak leaves – ¾ of a bunch

3) Yogurt – 2 table spoons.

4) Salt- to taste.
Ingredients for preparing the stuffing

1) Cauliflower florets- 1cup- Grated

2) Paneer cubes – 5-6 nos.- Grated.

3) Green Chilly – 1-2 nos. Chopped finely

4) Coriander leaves(cilantro )- ½ cup – Chopped

5) Potato – smashed – 1 no.

6) Chat masala- 1 ½ tea spoon.

7) Salt – according to taste.


Clean and wash palak leaves thoroughly and cut it roughly. Next add it along with the yogurt to the blender and a make it a smooth paste, if required add 2 spoons of water also.

Add the palak mix in to the wheat powder and make soft dough, add more water if needed. Keep aside for 30 mints.

Add all the stuffing ingredients together and mix well and keep aside.

How to make Paratha

Take a big lemon size portion of dough and roll it in to round shape (like chapathy shape). Then put a small portion of the filling in to the middle of it.

Then bring up the sides by covering the filling (like a money bag) and pinch off the extra covering.

Again roll it carefully in to a circle shape. (Use wheat flour for dusting to avoid sticking or breaking the filling).

Heat up a tawa and put the paratha over it. Turn it and spread some ghee or oil. Cook the same until both sides are golden brown.

Serve hot with yogurt/pickle or any curry of your choice.


  1. Looks yumeee & healthy... but lets see if I'll try it out.... u should have given us some samples...

  2. Looks perfect and colourful......I'll also try this for kids next week