27 July 2013

Breaded prawns.



1) Prawns - 10-15 nos.

2) Ginger- 1 inch piece

3) garlic -2-3 nos.

4) Red chilly powder- 1/2 teaspoon.

5) Vinegar/lime juice -½ teaspoon

6) Salt-as required

For the Coating:

1)      Bread crumbs -4-5 table spoon.

2)     Egg - 1 no-lightly beaten.

3)     Pepper powder - 1 ½ teaspoon.

4)     Salt -2 pinch.

5)     Plain flour - for dusting.

6)     Oil - for frying.


Clean the prawns and marinate them with ginger, garlic, salt and red chili powder. Keep them for at least ½ an hour. Preferably in the refrigerator

In the mean time, beat the egg and keep aside, mix the bread drums with pepper powder with little salt. Take some flour in another pan.

Take the prawns and dust it in the flour and dip it again in beaten egg and finally roll it in the breadcrumbs mix .Repeat the processes until the prawns are finished.

Serve hot with sauce .

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  1. nallae crispy crispy prawns, Sherley. Hope i cleared your doubt on the "pickled eggs" in ammachiyudae adukala in fb :) keep connected..