24 September 2013



I have acquired many middle eastern tastes from the past 10 years as a resident of UAE , like Shawarma, Falafel , Hummus, garlic paste, Mutabel, tabouli, finally Zaatar .

Wonder what I am talking? As a blogger & a food lover I like to make authentic recipes irrespective of any barriers!!!!

My hubby made me crazy about the hot Zaatar bread made by Lebanese restaurants.

So finally I decided to make it at my kitchen and started searching for the green mixture ( Zaatar) which is poured over the bread.

I called my friend & colleague Ms. Mariam to know more about this recipe , she told me Zaatar is a Palestinian and Lebanese delicacy , UAE also acquired that taste from that countries.

Next i called my another Palestinian friend Hanna to know much about Zaatar ( she revealed to me that , she is lazy in cooking ,where as her mother is a wonderful cook ) and i asked her where can I find that Zaatar mix , she informed me not to worry about the mix and she can bring it for me. Next day she sent me the herb mix along with a special pure olive oil

When I reached home I can't stop my urge to make the recipe instantly, unfortunately the flour was not enough to make the dough so I tried the Zaatar on an Indian rice batter (Dosa batter).

Once again thanks to Hanna and her wonderful mother for the nice gift.
Recipe would be posted soon

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