28 June 2016

Badusha /Balushahi

Badusha /Balushahi Recipe


1) All-purpose flour / Maida flour - 1 cup

2) Baking powder- ½ tsp

3) Baking soda - ¼ tsp

4) Butter / ghee ( Melted) - ¼ cup

5) Curd – ½ teaspoon

6) Water – as required ( ½ cup most likely)

For Sugar Syrup

1) Sugar – 1 cup

2) Water – 4/3 cup

3) Cardamom powder - a pinch ( optional)

4) Lemon juice - ½ tsp

5) Oil- to Fry

Take a mixing bowl add all-purpose flour/ baking soda, baking powder then finally add ghee and mix well , add water little my little to the mix then make a soft dough using your hands. And keep aside the prepared dough, let it sit for 30 mints.

Once it is done, divide the dough in to equal lemon sized balls and flatten a little and make a small dent at the center and set aside

Method of making Sugar Syrup

Take a pan, add water and sugar together and bring it to boil in a medium heat and check the mild string consistency. Switch off the stove and add lemon juice and cardamom powder.

Badusha preparation

While frying the badusha’s , you require little patience it’s very important, the flame should be in very medium heat only, otherwise the outer layer will turn brown and inner dough remaining uncooked . fry 2-3 only at a time , flip them gently and cook both sides. Till its attain the desired golden brown color.

Then drop them in the sugar syrup for 2 mints in one side and 2 mints for other side.

Then remove it from the sugar syrup and garnish according to your wish.!!!

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