25 June 2016

Ney Pathiri

Ney Pathiri

Ney Pathiri

1) Rice powder - 1 cup

2) Grated Coconut – ½ cup

3) Water – 1 cup

4) Salt – as required

5) Ghee- ½ teaspoon

6) Oil – For frying

7) Shallots – 4-5 nos.

8) Fennel seeds – 1 teaspoon


Boil the water in a pan with salt and ghee, when it starts boiling put the rice powder slowly till combined using a wooden ladle and keeps aside till cool off. In the meantime grind the shallots, coconut and fennel seeds as a fine paste.

Add coconut paste in to the rice flour and knead well till it becomes soft dough

Make even lemon sized balls out of the rice dough and shape it round using your hands.

Fry the pathiri in hot oil (medium heat is preferred), wait till its float on the top and puff up and fry till its turns to a golden brown color.

Enjoy with Chicken/Mutton/beef spicy curry of your choice!!!!

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