17 August 2016

Fish head curry( Meen Thala Curry)

Fish head curry( Meen Thala Curry)

1)One  head of a tasty fish ( I have used king fish head)
2) Red chili powder- 2 ½ Table Spoon (I used Kashmiri chili powder 1 ½ &   ½ spoon of Normal chili powder)
3) Turmeric powder 1 tea Spoon
4) Ginger- 1 ½ Piece (Chopped for grinding-(keep some portion for frying)
5) Garlic – 8- 10 pieces (Chopped for grinding -(keep some portion for frying)
6) Shallots - 3 or 4 (chopped for Grinding)
7) 3 pieces of kudampuzhy
8) Curry leaves - 1 sprig
9) Oil - 2 table spoon
10) Mustard Seeds- ½ tea spoon
11) Water - 1 cup
12) Salt - to taste
13) Fenugreek powder- ½ tea spoon


Mix the ingredients 2-6 with some water and grind well and keep it aside.
Heat oil in a big pot (I used a big Chatty here (earthen pot). Add Mustard seeds and let it splutter. Then add chopped shallots, ginger & garlic and sauté till light brown.

Add the ground mixture of 2-6 and sauté until you see oil separate from the Masala (use low flame). Then add sufficient water, salt and socked kudampuzhy.

Let it boil, then Add head of the fish and cook till the fish is covered by the masala

I prefer to add a pinch of fenugreek powder to the curry at last stage. Shake the pot gently to mix all the things together. Do not use a spoon. Cover the fish with a lid and let it rest for 1- 2 two hours.

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