28 October 2016

Low - Calorie Toasted Tofu

Tofu – Toasted with veggies

1) Tofu – Cut according to your desire(gently squeeze out the excess moisture as much as possible)

2) Onion – 1 no – Chopped

3) Garlic – 3-4 nos. – Chopped

4) Ginger – 3-4 nos. - Chopped

5) Spring onion – As required

6) Carrot – As required

7) Olive Oil – ½ Table spoon

8) Soy sauce- ½ table spoon.


Take a nonstick pan just drizzle some olive oil and saute the vegetables, once it is translucent, place Tofu , cook the same for 2-3 mints in low flame, excess water content will disappear soon, then drizzle some soya sauce over the tofu and flip the tofu till golden on the edges.

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  1. quite interesting diet recipies r these tested nd tried ones?
    how to take overnight oats didn't see description
    can u post the explanation from this recipie onwards
    will be helpful to dietconcern people likeme