21 September 2008

Enjji Curry



1) Ginger chopped- 1 cup

2) Coconut chopped- ½ cup

3) Tamarind soaked in water (Puli)- 1 ½ cups (Puli extract/Tamarind Pulp)

4) Chili powder (Kashmiri & Normal)- each – 1 spoon

5) Coriander Powder (Malli podi) – 1 ½ spoon

6) Turmeric powder ( Manjjal Podi) – ½ spoon

7) Fenugreek powder (Uluva podi) – ¼ - Spoon

8) Asafetida Powder ( Kaayam- 2 pinch for taste

9) Salt- as required

10) Curry Leaves- As required

Chop the ginger in to small pieces

Cut the coconut in to small pieces

Then sauté it together in a frying pan with little oil , when it turns in to light golden brown switch of  the flame and allow it to cool.

Make a paste out of the fried ginger & coconut using a mixer grinder without water, then add the puli extract in to the paste and mix well .

In a frying pan add little coconut oil and splutter the mustard seeds .

Then immediately switch off the flame and put all the masala powders in to it one by one (ingredients 4 to 8) and sauté it for few minutes without flame till the raw smell out.

Then add the ginger-coconut mixture with salt in to it.

Finally switch on the flame and cook it till it’s get thickened, Remove from the flame and enjoy the Injji curry


  1. It is always nice to put a pinch of sugar or a lil' jaggery (sharkara).. which will bring out the original taste .....

  2. for Kaayam- please mention the english name as well- Asfoetida, Puli-tamarind, Uluva-Fenugreek, Malli-Coriander, Manjal-Turmeric...

    Please review carefully while posting......

  3. Hi Sherly,

    I tried out this recipe yesterday and it has come out very tasty...I just made a little change by adding a small piece of jaggery because i like the sweetness along with the spiciness. thank you. So, i will fix this as my permanent inji curry recipe. Keep posting more naadan simple recipes.