21 September 2008

Ulli /Shallot Theeyal

1) Small Onion – As required Or one handful or more
2) Grated coconut- As required 0r ½ 0r ¾ of coconut
3) Red chilly – 1 table spoon
4) Coriander powder- ¾ table spoon
5) Valan puzhi – big gooseberry size or 2 small gooseberry size ( take extract using water)
6) Curry leaves + Mustard for seasoning


Chop the small onion length wise, and fry the grated coconut when it turns golden brown (last minute put the chilly powder +coriander powder in to it) and let it cool for 5 minutes and grind the mixture in a mixer with out water, after getting it powdered put sufficient water and grid again (you can add the puzhi extract also while grinding)

Then take a Pan & heat oil and splutter mustard and curry leaves and put small onions and fry until it is in a transparent stage then add the coconut mixture and put sufficient salt to taste and stir until it become a thick batter.

NB: you can adjust the puzhi and salt according to your taste buds.


  1. Hi Sherly,

    You've got a very homely blog going on there! Congrats! We can just click into your blog and plan our daily menu. The ulli theeyal looks just right. I have some brinjals or theeyal but not very sure about the recipe. Can it be made in the same way or does it have any changes like adding tomato or something?


  2. Dear Anita,

    Thanks you very much for the good words,

    We can make theeyal in many ways; I will soon update some other theeyal also, you can use any vegetables in the place of shallots (potato, brinjal, spinach stem, beans, carrots…ect( add always 4-5 shallots also) If you are going to add some tomato just adjust the puzhi extract……….accordingly.



  3. The Good old days... vattalmulaku,malli put in original to fry with coconut& little oil, pasted on Arakallu without water...cooked with vazhattiya cheriya ulli...add vattalmulaku,kaduku,uluva& kariveppila fried....That's it... The No.1 & original NAADAN THEEYAL

  4. foget not to add tastewise vaalanpuli & salt