21 October 2008

Tapioca ( kappa) Recipe

Tapioca ( kappa) Recipe

Clean the tapioca pieces and put in a vessel with enough water to cover it and cook, add salt in last stage .After its cooked well, drain water and it’s ready to eat.

Side Dish for Tapioca


1) Grated Coconut- As required
2) Ginger – Small piece
3) Red Chilli Powder – 1 tea spoon
4) Salt – To taste
5) Curd- 2-3 spoon

Grind 1to 5 item in a grinder (do not make it in to a paste) and put the mix in a bowl and add curd and enjoy it with hot tapioca.

Kanthari Chammanthy

1) Kaanthari or green chilly-As required
2) 3-4 – Shallot (Kunjjulli)
3) Tamarind – samal piece
4) Salt
5) Coconut oil- 2-3 teas spoon


Crush 1- 4 ingredients and put the mix in a bowl and add the coconut oil and enjoy………….

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