20 October 2008

Unniyappam Recipe

Unniyappam Recipe


1) Rice flour, lightly roasted- 2 cups
2) Small banana, mashed – 3-4
3) Jaggery- more or less as to taste
4) Baking Powder – ½ tea spoon
5) Milk - 1 Cup (optional )
6) Coconut bits /thenga kothu – As required
7) Cardamom, powdered- 5-6
8) Ghee - 2 tbsp ( For Roasting the Coconut bits)
9) A pinch of salt
10) Oil to fry


Melt the jaggery with little water and make slight thick syrup out of it in a medium flame. Strain the syrup to take out if any impurities and cool the syrup

Then take a bowl add rice flour, mashed banana, baking powder and jaggery syrup then mix well the ingredients to form a thick batter using your hands or in a mixer.

Then put the batter in a bowl add cardamom powder, salt, coconut bits (like an idli batter consistency) Let the batter sit for ½ an hour. In the meantime if the batter has thicken up or is too tight, add milk to make it again to an idli batter consistency.

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