22 October 2008

Wheat pan Cake

Wheat pan Cake


1) Wheat flour – 2 cup
2) Salt- a pinch
3) Water – as required


1) Banana(Ethakka) - 2
2) Grated fresh Cocount- ½ Cup
3) Molasses/sugar/ – As required
4) Cardamom powder– ¼ teaspoon
5) Ghee- 1 table soon


Cut the banana then remove the middle code and Cut into pieces Mix the bananas with the grated fresh coconut and sugar. Heat ghee in a saucepan and stir fry the mix for a few minutes. Cool and add cardamom powder.


Take a bowl add wheat flour, salt and water, then make a batter of it (It shouldn't be too thick nor too thin - somewhere in between.) and gently pour this batter on to the centre of the flat pan and now begin spreading the batter. When the upper surface begins to look cooked, flip the wheat pancake and Allow to cook for 1 minute, after that, spread the filling in half portion and fold it in half, again flip the pancake 2- 3 times until it turns light brown.

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  1. This can done without ethakka as well.. if u dont have ethakka at home . Its a good tea time snack as well as snack to send in kids tiffin box.Thanks Sherly..