30 November 2008

Mango Pickle

Mango Pickle


1) Fresh Mango – 2 nos.
2) Garlic- 5-6 cloves.
3) Ginger- 1 ½” pieces.
4) Chilly Powder (Kashmiri) - 1 ½ table spoon.
5) Turmeric powder – 2 pinch
6) Mustard seeds- As required
7) Asafetida powder- ¾ tea spoon.
8) Fenugreek powder – ¾ tea spoon.
9) Vinegar – 2table spoon.
10) Water – as required
11) Salt – As required


Clean the mangos and remove the water contents and cut in to half and remove the seed then again cut ¾” sized pieces. Take a bowl and mix ½ table spoon of chilly powder, turmeric powder, asafetida powder and salt and keep aside for ½ an hour.

Take a pan and heat oil and splutter muster seeds then add chopped garlic and ginger and sauté until slight golden brown then add chilly powder, fenugreek powder and sauté for few seconds then add vinegar and water and boil for few seconds and flame off and keep aside for 2-3 minutes and then add mango and mix well . Your Mango Pickle is ready.