19 January 2011

Home Made Grilled Chicken

Hi world, I'm on a diet is it ok to eat grilled chicken?

My doctor, My Trainer and the whole internet world revealed to me that “Yes” you can!

So I decided to make the grilled Chicken at home in my Microwave using its “Grill” option. Believe me it came out well. For me it’s very tastier than the usual one I am buying from the shop, I have used a fresh herb which gives a yummy wonderful aroma to my grilled chicken. So Grilled chicken is considered as nutritious food as well as in weight loss diets. ( Hip Hip Hurray!!!)

Grilled Chicken can be prepared in many ways!!! Please see my version!!!


1) Chicken breast (skinless) – 450 gm.2) Juice of a lime – 1 no.
3) Herbs (1 table spoon chopped Mint leaves and ½ table spoon of chopped Coriander leaves).
4) Pepper Powder – ½ teaspoon
5) Tandoori –BBQ Masala (I used Shan brand) - 1 table spoon
6) Olive Oil – ½ Table Spoon.


Clean the chicken breast well and pat dry with kitchen towels and cut in to 2 inch pieces.
Marinate the chicken pieces with the ingredients 2- 6 and refrigerate minimum 2-3 hours or overnight.

Remove the marinated chicken from the fridge at least half an hour before grilling and place the chicken on the grill base or insert on to metal skewers.

Change the microwave mode to grill and cook 08 minutes and turn the same and again cook 08 minutes, repeat the process again with 07 minutes.

Serve hot with fresh vegetables, chapati and kuboose etc!!!!

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