11 March 2012

Hara Bhara Pulao

Ingredients for making the Green paste

1) 1 ½ Cup of Chopped coriander leaves.
2) 4 green chillies , roughly chopped
3) Ginger – 1 ½” piece
4) Garlic gloves – 5-6 nos.
5) 2-3 table spoon of water.

Other Ingredients for making the rice.

1) 2 cups long grained rice (basmati)
2) Water – 3 cups.
3) Ghee – 2 -3 table spoon.
4) Cinnamon stick – 3-4 nos.
5) Cloves ( Grambu)– 7 nos.
6) Cardamoms – 5 nos.
7) Bay leaves- 2 nos.
8) Onion – chopped 2 nos.
9) Cauliflower florets – 1 cup.
10) Cubed potato – 1 no.
11) Fresh green peas- 1 cup
12) Fresh corn – ½ cup
13) Salt to taste.


Clean, wash & Soak the Basmati Rice in water for 15 minutes before cooking. Then drain and keep aside.

Take a pressure cooker and heat ghee, then put bay leaves & whole masala’s and sauté for 1 minute.

Then put the chopped onions and sauté until the onion turns in to a slight brown clour .

Then add the green paste and sauté until the raw smell out. Then add the chopped vegetables one by one and sauté for few minutes again and finally add rice and mix well.

Add water & slat at this stage. Allow to boil the rice mixture in a high flame then immediately close the lid with whistle and reduce the flame to medium heat level for about 1 whistle only. Switch off the stove and Keep aside the cooker to pressure off for about 10-15 minutes. Serve hot with salad of your choice.


  1. hi sherly
    whenever i make this receipe the main prb is the amount of water when compared to rice
    u doesnt tell clearly abt the green paste.
    while making green paste can we add garlic on it

    1. sorry i make mistake now i saw thesub titles