26 April 2013

Uppumangga (Nadan)


Nadan uppumangga Recipe


1)Green Mango - as required
2) Salt
3) Mustard seed-1 spoon
4) Gingili oil -3 table spoon 
5) Whole red chilly -as required
6)Curry leaves - As required
7)Whole cashew nut-3-4 nos.
8) Water- As required.


Boil the water with enough salt in a vessel and keep it aside to cool till it attain the room temperature.

Clean the  mangoes with water and wipe off the excess water with a  clean cloth.

Hot Gingili  oil in a pan, then splutter some mustard seeds , then  roast the whole dry chilly with some curry leaves for a few seconds .

Add Mangoes in a clean Bharani as a layer with some dry roasted chilly then repeat the processes  until the ingredients are finished.then Add 2-3 whole cashew nut(with shell). 

Then  Add  enough water to cover the mangoes.

Finally cover the jar with a clean cotton cloth and tie it tightly  using with any small rope or twine. Then close the jar with the lid.

Keep the same in a dry and dark area till 1month.

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