15 July 2013

Baked Pasta in white Sauce.

Baked Pasta in white Sauce.


1)      Pasta- (Fusilli-No.29) – 400 gm.

2)     Chicken Brest- 2 pieces( Chopped)

3)     Onion- chopped 1 big

4)     Carrot – 2 nos. Grated

5)     Beans – 100 gm. – Chopped lengthwise.

6)     Ginger- 1 “ piece Chopped

7)     Garlic – 3-4 nos. - Chopped.

8)    Tomato Souse- 2 table spoon

9)     Olive oil – 1 table spoon

10) Salt – as required

11)  White sauce.- As required

12) Cheese – grated – 100 gm.

Step 1

Cook the pasta in salty boiling water for about 10 mints, stir occasionally. Drain pasta using a colander once it’s done, toss ½ table spoon of olive oil to avoid sticking each other. (Optional).
Further, marinate the chicken pieces with little salt, chilly powder and pepper powder and keep aside for 10 mints. Then cook with little water until it’s done and keep aside.
Meanwhile, take a pan and hot remaining oil and sauté ginger, garlic, onion, chopped beans, grated carrot and cooked chicken one by one until it’s done.Then add 2 table spoon of tomato sauce and stir well with ingredients, finally add the cooked pasta in it and mix well.

White sauce ingredients.

1)      Butter – 2 table spoon.

2)     Maida- 2- 3 table spoon.

3)     Milk – 1 cup

4)      Salt – a pinch

5)     Pepper powder – 1 ½ teaspoon.

In saucepan melt butter in a medium heat, stir flour, salt and pepper, gradually add milk and stir well until sauce thickens. (If the sauce consistency is too thick add more milk to make the sauce thin.)

Final Step- Baking the pasta

Grease the baking dish using butter or margarine , then transfer the pasta mix and pour the white sauce over it,  finally sprinkle the grated cheese  evenly on the top , pre-heat the oven in 180 C and bake 25- 30 mints or until cheese is golden and melted.

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