29 January 2009

Potato Thoran ( stir-fry)

How to make Potato Thoran

If you are really fed up with normal vegetable thorans for a change you can try this potato thoran. It is very tasty.

Usually we are not washing the vegetables after cutting, but for this thoran I washed the sliced potato with water once (to remove the excess juice from the potato and this will give a perfect texture to your thoran in the final stage. So that the sliced thin potato pieces do not stick to each other).


1) Potato – 2 large ( cut in to lengthwise very thinly)
2) Onion- 1 no. ( thinly sliced)
3) Fresh Grated coconut – ½ cup
4) Green chilly – 3-4 nos ( chopped)
5) Salt – To taste
6) Oil – 1 table spoon
7) Mustard Seeds – ½ teaspoon
8) Curry leaves - few


Mix well the ingredients 1- 5 using your hands. Take a non stick pan heat oil then splutter mustard seeds and add the potato mix then cover the pan and cook in a low heat for about 5-6 minutes. Open the cover and stir fry for another few seconds. Your dish is ready.

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