10 March 2016

Breakfast Boiled Egg Wrap

Breakfast Boiled Egg Wrap 

Breakfast boiled egg Wrap

1) Boiled egg – 1 or 2

2) Mayonnaise – 1 table spoon

3) Chopped tomato – 2 table spoon

4) Chopped lettuce – 2 table spoon

5) Shredded Mozzarella Cheese – 2 table spoon.

6) Salt and pepper – if required

7) Sandwich roll ( Tortilla)


Slightly warm the tortilla in a flat pan and place it in a clean plain surface or chopping board, spared the mayonnaise on the tortilla and place the boiled eggs on center of the tortilla, then add chopped lettuce, chopped tomato and finally put the shredded cheese over it , if required sprinkle little salt and pepper .

Last but not least, fold the sides of the tortilla and roll up little tightly from one end to another. Micro wave the wrap for about 30 seconds and your wrap is ready to eat.

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