11 March 2016

Pidi and Nadan Kozhi (chicken) Curry

Pidi and Nadan Kozhi (chicken) Curry



1) Rice Powder- 2 cup

2) Grated Coconut-4 tbsp.

3) Cumin seeds- ½ tea spoon

4) Green chilly – 1-2 nos. ( optional)

5) Shallots-4-5 nos.

6) Water-2 Cups

7) Coconut Milk- ½ Cup

8) Salt – as required

9) Rice Flour-2 table spoon

10) Boiling water- as required


Grind cumin seeds, shallots and chilies and make a smooth paste.

Add this paste to the rice powder and mix well.

Then boil sufficient quantity of water with sufficient salt and pour over it to the rice powder slowly, and mix well using a wooden spatula. Allow it to cool slightly, and knead it well and make soft dough.

Make small balls out of the dough and keep aside.

Boil water, while boiling put the dumplings in to it one by one and let it cook for 8-10 mints and before switch off the stove add the rice flower paste ( make a smooth paste using a water ) in to it and cook until it is slightly thick. Switch off the flame and add coconut milk and mix well.

Nadan Chicken Curry


1) Chicken – 750 gms.

2) Big Onion – 3 nos. ( Chopped)

3) Garlic – 6-7 nos. ( crushed or chopped)

4) Ginger – 2 ½” 1 pieces.( crushed or chopped)

5) Green chilly – 3 nos.

6) Tomato’s – 2 nos.( chopped- medium big)

7) Masala Powder (Garam Masala) – ¾ Table spoon. ( Fennel seeds, cloves cardamom

And cinnamon stick)

8) Turmeric powder – ½ teaspoon.

9) Red chilly Powder ( Kashmiri) – ½ Table spoon

10) Fresh crushed Pepper powder – ¾ Table spoon.

11) Coriander powder – ¾ table spoon

12) Oil – 2-3 table spoon

13) Salt – to taste.

14) Mustard seeds- 2 teaspoon.

15) Curry leaves – As required.

16) Water – ½ cup.


Heat oil in a thick bottom pan then pop up mustard seeds add crushed garlic, ginger and green chilly then sauté for few seconds then add chopped big onion until it becomes transparent and light golden brown then add red chili powder, garam Masala powder, coriander powder and pepper powder and sauté few seconds then add chopped tomatoes and sauté until tomatoes are cooked well with other ingredients. Then add chicken pieces and ¾ cup of water and mix well then cover the pan & cook the chicken in very slow fire for about 25-30 minutes. Then open the cover and mix well the chicken pieces with the gravy again in a medium heat until the gravy is well coated with chicken and do a taste test at this time and adjust the taste according to your wish and add fresh curry leaves and 2 pinch of garam Masala. Your Nadan chicken Curry is ready to serve.

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